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Skype - Direct Mail Tips

Top 10 Direct Mail Mistakes

There are some people who make a career out of direct mail. Most people, however, get the general idea but make errors along the way. Below are the most common mistakes that you will encounter with a direct mail campaign.
  1. Using the wrong list. Perhaps the biggest mistake that you can make is to use a mailing list that does not represent your target audience. Too many people send out mailings, receive no response, and wonder why. Make sure that your list is current and targeted to meet your needs.
  2. Poor copy. It may only be 100 or even 25 words, but they need to be the right words. Take the time to do several rewrites until the copy will grab the reader's attention.
  3. No call to action. If you don't tell the reader what you want them to do, it defeats the point of sending the direct mail piece. Do you want them to call you? Email you? Send in the enclosed postcard? Buy something? Make it clear what they should do or they will not respond.
  4. No testing. Too many people learn the hard way that their direct mail piece is not effective. It should be common practice to test out anything you plan to use to market or advertise your business in order to see if it makes an impact.
  5. Using hype over meat. It is all too common to hype your product or service with superlatives instead of highlighting and explaining the actual benefits of your product or service.
  6. Not proofing the copy. There are too many stories of great direct marketing pieces that were missing phone numbers, addresses, or other key information. Errors in the copy are also too prevalent. Proofreading is an important aspect of all of your marketing campaigns. If you feel that you are lacking in those skills, hire someone to proof your copy. Or ask a colleague who has a way with words to take a look at your text.
  7. Not focusing on your headline. One of the reasons we all toss direct mail quickly is because it does not grab us. Somewhere between boring headlines and gimmicks is a smart use of a headline that catches someone's eye without insulting their intelligence. You only have a few seconds to grab the reader, therefore you need to put great stock into your headline.
  8. Highlighting form over function. One common mistake is placing too much focus on the design elements of the direct mailing piece, which results in marvelous four-color graphics, interesting shapes, and eye-catching color, but a discrediting loss of content.
  9. No follow up. Many businesses send out brochures, fliers, and other materials with no follow-up plan. Follow-up refers to calling, mailing additional information, or at least being prepared to fulfill requests for the product or for additional information.
  10. Not tapping into expert advice. Direct mailing has been around for many years because when it works it works very well. Many people have spent their careers mastering the art of direct mailing. They know the right words to use and the best ways to get results. However, far too few people tap into this bank of knowledge. Do your research and learn from experts in the field.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Friends With You

Friends With You are an art collective from Miami, USA. They have a massive character based style of design

Monday, 19 October 2009

Glow in the dark ink

I want to use glow in the dark ink for my screen-printed Headline poster. This will fit the style perfect and add something extra to my entry to the compettition. Green seems to be the most successful colour that glows in the dark.

50's Horror Posters

for the Headline brief I have chosen to start with the headline "Man found asleep in closet...with corpse!"
This is funny, weird and creepy therefore i plan to stylize the print in the theme of 1950 horror posters. Here's a few i used as inspiration, focusing on the hand generated, bold typography, bright colours, crazy angles and illustrated imagery.

Christmas cards by Graphic designers.

As my target audience for the Tag: Pac Christmas cards is a highly design experienced one, I'v researched into what seperates a christmas card intended for the general public and a card intended for the design aware. I think more wit and play on words/themes are required to impress the design aware.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Play on words

For the Tag: Pac brief to create a series of Christmas cards, I plan to work with words and how they can be interpreted in different ways. Here are a couple of examples which have two meanings if read with an open mind.

ZombieLand Intro - Typography

The opening titles to the film 'ZombieLand', has some of the best use of animated, interactive typography i have ever seen.

Pixar - Partly Cloudy

A short from Pixar shows some of their best work yet.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tom Messenger

Inspiration for the Anorak Magazine cover design competition. I like his bold and simple illustrative work.


Stick-A-Thing (S.A.T) is a Berlin native who has been creating urban design and art since 2006. He is influenced by the streets, graffiti culture and contemporary character design. S.A.T arts and designs can also be found on your monitors, on Berlin streets, on t-shirts and as toys. He has designed album art for 1000names from Bulgaria and also done some live painting for a Levi’s project. S.A.T enjoys painting happy objects on the streets and don't mind if people customized his art along the way. His goal with his designs is to make you enjoy life and stay chilled and cheerful.

I love the illustration of S.A.T, his work is a big influence to mine and I will refer to some of his composition skills when designing the cover for Anorak Magazine.

Graphic Design - Xmas Cards

For the Tag: Pac brief, I am designing christmas cards which will be posted and emailed to various design companies around the UK. Therefore, an ordinary card design will not do, the audience is aware of design and the cards will require a high level of whit and knowledge only a designer would know.

Here are a few existing examples of christmas cards by graphic designers, both are witty and play on the link between graphic design and christmas.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Leeds Public Arts - Print finishes

For the print production of the publication, We looked at print finishes to add that extra interest and designers touch.

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