Thursday, 1 October 2009


After an initial brainstorm, Angus and I have opened up some routes to take with the project. We are looking into printing finishes as the brief is fairly strict this limits our layout and overall design of the book, quality/additional print finishes will add that touch of class and distinction to the booklet.

Here are a few pieces I found which use print finishes, they are fairly simple additions to the job but add so much to the resolution.

This card uses a heat pressed gold transfer onto a thick board. The gold really stands out against the low quality stock, its cheap to produce and tests the limits of printing finishes.

The college 2009 prospectus is a good example of print finishes. The cover has an embossed title, and a laminate strip of yellow hanging over the top of the page. This really looks impressive in your hands, the light catches the laminate and the raised embossing, and you can feel the smooth laminate against the rough stock which works as a good contrast. This is probably quite an expensive book to produce, with the inside pages being full colour CMYK, the cover being embossed on a different stock and an additional laminte finish. However, it still uses only 4 colour plates; CMYK.

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