Friday, 30 April 2010

Eagleclean -by The Partners

Eagle Clean is a small London cleaning company which needed an identity that would engage prospective clients such as offices, restaurants, bars and clubs in a particularly uninspiring sector. The Partners used Eagle Clean's rubber gloves to develop a playful graphic device on signage and uniforms. The logo comes to life online as the gloves clean the screen, making it spotless to the viewer.

CONTEXT - Outcomes

Here is a plan of what i intend to produce, the outcomes are relevant to my three chapters.

Craig Oldham

Craig Oldham's work for D&AD uses comparison through language to communicate an effective brand identity. The repetition of these word comparisons when placed in relative environments builds up the identity and links them all together. D&AD's bold yellow on black colour scheme also helps to make the identity stand-out.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Context - Icons

Here are some initial designs for the three icons for my context publication.

Context - Format


I am designing icons to link the three chapters together, this means the icons have to be similar to form an underlining identity, but different to create a clear contrast and division between each. Research into icons for the three is not easy, as logo and application are such vast areas, however promotion seems to have a relevant icon of the pointed star circle.

Context - Format

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Context book mock-up

I have created a mock-up of my context book, titled; Innovative Identities.
To fit in with the subject of identity, i have created a logo for the book and branded it throughout.

Bojan Stefanovic - Logoholik Interview

i emailed the man behind Logoholik, here is the interview. 

1.     What makes a successful identity?

It has to (1) communicate the proper message towards the target audience, (2) evoke the right feeling and call to action, (3) try not to blend/confuse with over crowded competition, thus (4) make some sort of impact in order to (5) stand the test of time.

Can you list any clich├ęs in identity design?

I do not want to see any more swooshes, shining balls, little stick figure people with joined hands or smiley faces incorporated in any identity, anywhere (although, am guilty by all charges in the past :)
3. What are your most admired logos/identities and why?

Everything that Moving Brands ( created - for the simple fact - i think that's how the future identity systems will look like.
From the oldies, established ones of course: apple, coke, shell, yellow pages to name a few (even though a ton of marketing money has been invested in building those brands, countless air time certainly positioned it's value in our heads, the bottom line is that they are such good identities from the start...  )
From the recent ones, i really like new identity for the city of Melburn. Very bold, refreshing and brave move.

Bojan Stefanovic
Belgrade, Serbia


Here are the slides from my context presentation.


LogoHolik are mass logo creators, their ability to produce logos at pace is an interesting addition to the context book. I have contacted them for interviews.


Dotflo create some really interesting and exciting logos, I feel their inclusion in the context book will add a different type of logo compared with that of Paul Rand.

Michael Spitz

Logos created by Michael Spitz, a member of Logo Pond, his logos are conceptual and innovative.

Paul Rand

Here are some of Paul Rand's logo creations.

Paul Rand - Interview

Here are a number of design interviews with Paul Rand. I plan to include him and his logo work in my context book as his work is well known and what some might describe as legendary.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Brand Ethics

Here are a number of brand ethic statements, taken from their websites, about the brands themselves and what they believe in. I plan to include these in my context publication.