Monday, 24 May 2010

The District - Interview

1.     What makes a successful identity?

Thought, hard work, a bit of magic, perseverence and the odd
metaphorical (or in some cases actual) bloodied nose. That is what
'makes' a successful identity, the characteristics of a successful
identity are creating something that transcends fashion, challenges
people, and forms an emotional connection with people, that sounds
awful, but you get my point. I compare a good identity with a good
record, the ones that have lasting power are they ones you don't like
the first time you hear/ see them. 
 2.     Can you list any clichés in identity design?

Contrived post rationaling, over rationalising or simply no
rationalising at all. 
 3. What are your most admired logos/identities and why?

Flying logo for Gatwick Express (Hedger Mitchell Stark). A beautiful twist.
Kaffe Coffee shop (Felix Lobelius). Fit for purpose.
Apple. An obvious choice, but awesome.
Channel 4 (Lambie-Nairn and the developments and sub-brands since).
The flexibility and the way it has grown is just brilliant.

May get a different response on a different day.

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