Saturday, 17 April 2010

Method Inc - Questionnaire

I have recieved a reply to the questionnaire I sent out last week.
None other that Dean Crutchfield, creative director of Method London!
Excellent, Thank You Dean.
See below:

Thank you Patrick. Here are some thoughts:

1.     What makes a successful identity?
Successful brands are stories told well, but they’re tough to have a
monopoly on. Misconduct by big brand names and shifting consumer
behavior has changed the perceived value exchange between brands and
consumers. Therefore, a successful identity should play a key role in
creating brands that are more magnanimous, malleable and functional.

2.     Can you list any clich├ęs in identity design?

Design used to be about control and it no longer is about control.
This has created many opportunities to hold different conversations
with the consumer with new methods of approach that enable customers
to better connect with brands.

To optimize this new conversation, brands and their identities need to
relinquish a degree of power and control to the consumer by adopting
narrative based brand strategies that can be multi-faceted and impact
across multiple platforms to engage consumers.

3. What are your most admired logos/identities and why?

McDonald's - It's beautful
2012 - it's ugly and category busting
Product Red - it's a unique solution to partner brand strategy
Chase Bank logo - has stood the test of time
US Postal Services - sadly undervalued
UPS - original Paul Rand logo (NOT THE NEW ONE!)
Lucent - the coffee stain/kiss mark was breakthrough

There's loads, but that's a few. Cheers, Dean

Dean Crutchfield
Chief Engagement Officer
+1 646 825 5222 T
+1 917 239 3303 C
Method Inc.
San Francisco, London, New York

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